Our History

In 1974 Michael Tullock was still in high school when he decided to launch his own business “The Bargain Barn” which was located in the back of his parents’ antique shop in Etowah, Tenn.

While Tullock’s parents Doug and Carol drove the family station wagon to the Stokely-Van Camp plant to purchase cases of canned goods, Michael was busy minding the store after school. Within a few weeks, Tullock’s grocery business had driven out the antiques. With $1,000 allotted by his parents the business was off and running.

37 years and 36 stores later Michael Tullock is the CEO of a growing chain. The corporate charter of Bargain Barn, Inc. still remains today but has developed store names of United Grocery Outlet and the most recent acquisition of GO Grocery Outlet stores in North Carolina.

We currently employ over 700 associates in 5 states: Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

The Tullocks

Doug and Michael Tullock