N. Johns

This letter is to inform you of a good thing. I run the Emergency Department at ARMC and I hear complaint after complaint but when a good thing happens we often forget to honor and remember when people go out of their way to please customers. Recently I visited your store and was looking for something that I had previous purchased and enjoyed. I asked if there were any more available and I was told that your store was out of them and not sure if you would receive any more of this product. On another visit over a week later I was shopping and just looking for items for Christmas and a young lady approached me and asked if I was the one looking for this certain product. I told her yes and in her hand she was carrying this frozen product and handed it to me. I found that to be amazing that she remembered me and she went out of her way to personally bring it to me. She told me her name was Cheryl Rudd and I wanted to send you a reminder that not everyone is there to receive a paycheck and she performed in that manner. We do not always hear the good stories and I wanted to share that with you and please forward to anyone that may need a reminder that doing a GREAT job cost nothing and moves market share. Great job and I applaud you and your team. Thank you Cheryl and thank you for serving our community.

L. Smith

No matter how hard times have gotten over the past years with the economy and the bad state of the country I can always count on UGO to have good quality affordable products at a super price. Keep up the good work, you’re getting better every time I visit! I don’t know how you do it but don’t stop! A lot of good people count on everyone in this fine organization to provide this service otherwise people would go without a lot of things they need but can’t afford at the higher price stores. My store in Dayton has very nice employees, and how about that Sweetwater store? Wow, what an improvement! I was beginning to think that store wasn’t going to make it. Nice job, I’m impressed and I’ve been shopping there ever since you came to Chattanooga. I hope to visit the Athens store soon I hear good things about this store. Kudos to UGO and all its fine hardworking employees!

J. Sutton

My grandparents have shopped your Asheville locations for as long as I can remember. They have told me over and over “ya gotta go check the GO out.” I typically blew it off as I am not much of a “bargain hunter.” Last week I finally gave in and went with them to the Tunnel Road location. I was absolutely blown away. My Grandparents were immediately greeted at the door by the STORE MANAGER by NAME. This is so rare anymore. She also inquired how they were and how my Grandfather was feeling after surgery. This was so personal and genuine. I felt as if I was transformed into a small town Mayberry. My Grandfather suffers numerous health conditions and the thoughtfulness in such a small question meant so much. I know now why they loved this place. The store had loads of deals and was very well kept for a small outlet. I am impressed and now hooked on “the GO store” as well.

God Bless.

Debbie M

Our company, Sierra Group, in Dalton, GA. Recently had an employee cookout to celebrate the 4th of July. We have 150 employees; some of our office staff takes care of organizing these functions

We chose to use United Grocery Outlet this year for our food. It was a great decision.

The store manager at the Dalton location, and her staff were so helpful. Together they helped me figure out how much food we needed for 150 people. Also, had it boxed up and ready for me to pick up, and loaded it into my vehicle.

The ground beef made for very tasty burgers, hot dogs were excellent as well. The buns and produce were fresh. Excellent tomatoes, tasted as good as you could get them from your own vegetable garden.

To sum it up, the great food made it a fun time for Sierra Group employees.