Kristi H

I love the UGO in Halls and the staff there! Many of them know me when I walk in the door and they know that my son has Celiac disease. I was there today and was told by the wonderful lady in the frozen foods area that they have wheat free corn dogs. So, I bought a case for my son and he loves them!! He hadn’t had a corn dog in 8 years! Thanks, again, UGO!!

Marlana W

I just wanted to thank you all for offering so many organic and healthy items. We have a tight grocery budget but I’m always pleasantly surprised to find a wide variety of organic goods on your shelves at affordable prices. I was at the Elizabethton store today and stocked up on organic ketchup, organic frozen spinach, and even was able to try the Silk Chocolate Mint soy drink because the price was so reasonable. Thank you for giving us these options!

Teresa W

My husband & I recently started shopping at the one in Rogersville and I love it! My grocery bill for a week’s worth of groceries anywhere else is anywhere from $350 to $400, we spent that for a little over a month’s worth of groceries. We got ribs, roast, pork loin, etc, & snacks for our 2 boys for an entire month I’m still amazed!!! Thank you guys for making it affordable to feed my family good healthy meals.

S. Burchfield

I recently moved from Oak Ridge, TN to Thomson, GA and I cannot believe there is not a UGO anywhere in this area. The biggest and most missed thing is my favorite grocery store. So I am writing to let your company know THEY REALLY NEED TO PUT A STORE IN OR NEAR THOMSON, GA……I know your store would do absolutely great here, the only competition would be Walmart and BiLo and honestly with your prices and products there would be no competition. I have a family of 5 and this day in time with all the crazy prices on food and household goods it’s really hard to buy things you want and enjoy and your company has always made just that possible for the an average family. So if in the future you look at expanding the company, I am sure this community would really welcome your business/store. Keep up the great job of providing groceries and household good/items at affordable prices.