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We Let Our Customers Do the Talking

“Love the prices. Love the hospitality.”

B. Blondie

“Another great place to shop if you’re on a budget.”

L. Curtis

“Great prices love going to UGO”

S. Castleman

“Amazing what great deals you can find here. Hard to take in all the little treasures they have! Fun Store!”

D. Dyer

“My family and I love going here. With the prices as expensive as they at ingles, going here is a weight off my waller. Having 3 kids who are teens and one younger, we spend $400 a week on groceris. It’s a breath of fresh air to go here and not be broke afterwards.”

C.C. Griffin

“Lots of great deals, in date and kept super clean!”


“They have cheap prices. And the cashier are very friendly. What I like most is not waiting in line. Helpful.”

M. Metcalf

“Nice place with good prices and friendly cashiers.”

T. Kozaczuk

“I love their meat prices… You get so much and good meat is great!!!”

A. Roberts

“My wife and I love this grocery store. Their prices cannot be beaten anywhere in town. Racks of baby back ribs, lil smokies, cheese, eggs, etc are always really low. And if you eat and drink like my family does then you are missing out on some great deals!!!”

T. Morris

“The employees were very attentive and helpful to me. The prices are absolutely amazing and they go above and beyond to make sure they have what you need. Thank you all for being our family store!”

A. Phillips

“Great deals! Lots of name brand find for half the price of the regular grocery store usually in the beginning and end of the week.”

D. Keith

“Some of the food are real is real cheap like the chicken the smoked turkey wings stuff like that a good place to shop.”

H. Gladden

“They have good deals and the people ar every friendly.”

N. Deitz

“Very clean store and great deals. Go check it out.”

M. Tolles

“Nice to have more than just a Food City! Prices are cheaper too!”

B. Roop

“1st time going to this store. It’s older kinda like a ma and pa type. Workers were nice and the food was cheap had some really good deals. I plan on going again soon.”

M. Olson

“Great store to shop. You’ll find lots of savings here. Nice clean store. Courteous customer service. I’ll be going back for sure.”

M. Housley

Fresh local products that support our communities!

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