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We Let Our Customers Do the Talking

“If you have not been to this grocery store you need to go. I’m going to say I leave with a full grocery cart for 60 bucks and can feed my family for the entire week, teenagers included. Oh my gosh. Name brand labels quality food just reduced costs.”

K. Jewlery

“Great store. The cashier that waited on us was wonderful at customer service. I’d patron your store just based on that. Excellent prices, customer appreciation sale today was amazing.”

B. Lawson

“We love this place. We live in Greenville and when we are in town, we always stop. They have great deals on lots of fun things. 

S. Williams

“A glorious thrift store of wonderful food choices.”

S. Peek

“They have some really great prices, this is where I always buy my ground beef. Better than any other store.”

P. Tigue

“Great prices and decent selection. Polite and helpful employees make a great shopping experience.”

A. Lein

“Always lots of neat items.”

S. Mullins

“I love this place and the employees are always friendly.”

K. Oneal

“A nice place to shop and good prices.”

J. P. Gladue

“This is one of our most-stop shops for groceries. Unbeatable prices on everyday necessities and every now and the you’ll find some novelty items at a great deal that you just can’t pass up! Meat, ice cream and snacks are some of the best deals here without a doubt, especially with how expensive these things are elsewhere.”

A. Roberts

“Clean and well stocked. It’s always an adventure, cause you never know what has been stocker. Always a great selection. Parking is excellent.”

J. Goodman

“This is the place with the best meat in such a variety of things. Seasonal items at other stores can always be found at United grocery thank you.”

R. Sharp

“Nice. Was well kept. Variety of items and produce.”

P. Young

“Convenient, right in the middle of town. Low prices and friendly service. Great place to shop.”

Rev. M. Mallette

“There are always great deals, but don’t expect they’ll always have the same items. Be flexible and you’ll love it!”

J. Garrod

“My favorite discount grocery store..”

P. Lee

“They may not always have the same things but I always find good stuff at really good prices!”

J. Hensley

“Love the prices. Love the hospitality.”

B. Blondie

“Another great place to shop if you’re on a budget.”

L. Curtis

“Great prices love going to UGO”

S. Castleman

“Amazing what great deals you can find here. Hard to take in all the little treasures they have! Fun Store!”

D. Dyer

“My family and I love going here. With the prices as expensive as they at ingles, going here is a weight off my waller. Having 3 kids who are teens and one younger, we spend $400 a week on groceris. It’s a breath of fresh air to go here and not be broke afterwards.”

C.C. Griffin

“Lots of great deals, in date and kept super clean!”


“They have cheap prices. And the cashier are very friendly. What I like most is not waiting in line. Helpful.”

M. Metcalf

Fresh local products that support our communities!

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