Helping grocery suppliers solve problems

Creative solutions to liquidation, packaging, and inventory issues.

We work with you

We can offer unique solutions to issues you may think are impossible to correct. Our staff is very creative and will work diligently with you to resolve liquidation, packaging, and inventory issues.We want to build a relationship with you and demonstrate how efficiently we can work together. We take pride in our excellent credit status, and quick responsiveness to your needs.

Services we offer manufacturers:

  • Insurance loads
  • Warehouse scanning for reclamation damage; distribution of damaged product
  • Separating and cleaning damaged products
  • In-house labeling, re-labeling, stripping labels
  • Re-packing bulk products
  • Re-labeling short weights
  • Applying specialty stickers

We do not accept vendor coupons. We do not advertise name brands.

Advantages from working with us:

  • Low profile stores
  • Broad services
  • Versatility
  • Cater to special needs
  • Integrity
  • Efficiency
  • Handle dry, refrigerated, and frozen products

Some of the major manufacturers that are our service providers: