We Let our customers do the talking

Read how our low prices have helped our customers

“Great prices and service at the meat dept.”

R. Cooker

“Great employees.”

K. Waters

“Clean store. Love their meat. Good prices.”

T. Kilpatrick

“Great buys. You never know what they are going to get in. When you see a good deal, you better take advantage of it, because items sell fast.”

D. Conley

“Very good meat dept. Good prices.”

L. Williams

“Best place for groceries in Dayton. Price wise at least. The people there are nice too.”

D. Flooor

“Love the price on the meat. They are the Best of the Best.”

C. Barnett

“Good lawd I Freaking Super super love this place the prices are amazing shop shop shop here please.”

A. German

“Love the selection of cereals.”

J. Lytle

“My first time there, really great prices on a great variety of things.”

D. Gruesbeck

“Been going here since I was a baby/child. Great stuff and great prices.”

T. Kitts

“Great deals on meat.”

T. Coffman

“Best place to shop. Great prices and decent selection”

S. Boyd

“Good place for fresh meat and vegetables.”

B. Davis

“This store is wonderful with great staff & sweet deals very often helping our family, thank you.”

B. & K. Owens

“This is a great place to shop, everything is budget friendly and you can find hard-to-find items here. I highly recommend UGO to anyone.”

D. Parker

“I love this store, friendly environment, & great prices. The staff here are awesome. Their meat selection is top quality in my book, always stock. You can get item here you can’t find at other stores.”

K. Sheadrick

“Always a deal on something! Good meat department. Clean and well organized.”

V. Burke

“I won’t grocery shop anywhere else”

M. Wheaton

“Amazing deals. Friendly cashier. Well stocked. Everything seemed far away from expiring. My new favorite grocery store.”

G. Lawson

“Best meat prices around. Don’t always have what you’re looking for. But if they do it will be cheaper than other grocers.”

J. King


M. Sordo

“Never know what you’ll find here. Frozen rabbit, american cheese with jalapeno, etc. Prices can be great. Employees are very nice. It’s more of an adventure than a shopping trip. It does have staples but mostly it’s great for the extras.”

T. Moses

“I love to shop here.”

F. Name

“Employees are helpful & friendly no matter how busy the store is. The meats are not only lower priced, they are high quality. There is a butcher so custom cutting is available too.”

G. Brennan

“Always a good place to shop. You can find deals you can’t find anywhere else.”

M. White

“Love this place! Prices are unbeatable.”

L. Reagan

“UGO.oooo good place if you’re looking for deals check ’em out. Friendly family style atmosphere.”

J. Johnson

“Loved this place. Great prices especially on meat. They have Save A Lot beat any day.”

C. Ridley

“Great prices and nice selection…
Their prices still can’t be beat.”

B. Lee

“I’m fairly new at your establishment. I enjoy shopping there, you guys have quality products and cheaper…and that within itself is a plus. Thank you.”

J. Barnard

“Love finding different products at affordable prices and great customer service.”

S. Walker

“Nice friendly workers. Found everything I needed”

J. Brazier

“Can’t believe the difference in the prices and the food send to be freshest.”

G. McKinney

“My all time favorite place to shop groceries and more.”

D. Smith

“Love UGO, one of my favorites.”

T. Adams

“I love, love, love this store.”


“The store has a great price on the produce and on the meat section of their own butcher right in the store!”

A. Ledford

“My family and I would starve if we didn’t have United Grocery store!”

R. Hall

“Love it.”

W. Shields

“It was good as always. I go to United Grocery Outlet every week.”

W. Wright

“I like to buy there the meat is cheaper.”

I. Ayala

“Best discount store…love it!”

K. Kat

“Good place to buy meats. The best.”

C. Pye

“Best place to shop to avoid the rising grocery prices.”

S. Beth


O. Meli

“Love this place. I love that they are so reasonably priced and offer many plant based options at very resonable prices.”

J. Ridley

“Great supermarket with better prices than you can find anywhere. Highly recommend shopping here.”


“I love this store. They’re cheaper than most places and it wasn’t crowded. That one lady that works there, Gloria I think, was a big help and so kind. Thank you.”

S. Kilgore

“The store was clean, the workers were courteous and professional. Always something different offered.”

L. King


L. Hernandez

“Great places, quality food, and friendly staff.”

L. Color

“A quick in-and-out place to pick up a few items needed for the house.”

M. Hudgins

“Love going here due to deals!! Do not have typical grocery store offerings, but good prices on what they have.”

S. Forester

“I love finding great quality meats at a great pice so needless to say GROCERY OUTLET IS A MUST TRY for all your hunger plans!! Did I mention the staff is friendly!!”

S. Milam

“Love this place! Great selection of products and very helpful staff.”

N. Hates

“Has the best deals on food for the whole family.”

A. Thompson Jr.

“Decent selection, very friendly employees.”

M. Painter

“Has the best deals on food for the whole family.”

A. Thompson Jr.

“Love this place, go there almost every day. The people that work there are great.”

J. Brunham

“Love this store’s best-priced great quality meats. The people are so helpful and the butchers are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need.”

V. Rowland

“Love this place, go there almost every day. The people that work there are great.”

J. Brunham

“Love this store’s best-priced great quality meats. The people are so helpful and the butchers are willing to go the extra mile to make sure you get what you need.”

V. Rowland

“Go there for all your holiday shopping.”

L. Hughes

“I love United Grocery Outlet. The employees are always so polite and helpful, the meat department always has good deals, it is always clean, the prices on fruits are always great, potato chips are a bit too pricey and too spicey, but overall it’s a great place to shop. I always know I am getting a great deal, I buy all my meats there, all my fruits, and fresh veggies, and I love when they get fresh flowers, what else can I say than ” I love my UGO”. Thank you so much!

P. Steele

“One of my favorite stores. People are very friendly and are willing to help you. I always find a little something that I wasn’t looking for when I get there. You never know what they have but the people are friendly.”

M. Hutto

“I love seeing what is new in the store! I’m shocked sometimes at how amazing the deals are, especially on organic stuff! I’ll always shop here first for all my groceries.”

A. B

“Excellent shopping experience.”

D. Riffle

“The cheapest place right now to get groceries and have really good meat and have other items as well. Just an all-out nice place to shop. Staff if very nice.”

A. Alexander

“Interesting variety and not your typical grocery store. It’s almost like. a scavenger hunt. Extremely good deals to be found.”

M. Jasinek

“Lots of items and always find good deals. Be sure to stop here before you go to the other store.”

Y. Ron

“I visit UGO weekly for the great deals, especially on meats. Love this store!”

C. Cowart

“Very affordable, especially on a budget being a single mom.”

K. Morris

“Great prices and not too crowded so you can get in and out quickly.”

L. Thompson

“Stopped in before bible study and found all the meats freshly stocked. I was able to fill my freezer. Thank you!”

J. Voyles

“Love this place everyone is always friendly and super helpful.”

K. Majors

“I love stores like this. If I lived closer I would stock up. Got some good meat dealers for my daughter.”

S. Cuningham

“Got good prices and good selection, conveniently located to.”

J. Halstead

“This is a grocery outlet that sells overbuys and closeouts. I have had a good experience with the things I have purchased there. A lot of name brands you have not heard of before but still good quality. They do get name brands in also at great prices so they don’t last long and mostly don’t have to restock. I think many people are surprised at what they do offer.”

J. Mullins

“I spoke ways enjoy a trip to UGO. You never know what you’ll find. We always find awesome deals on things we love to eat.”

T. Roads

“You never know what you’re gonna get from any of the UGO stores. And I mean that in a good way.”

J. Davis

“Fav store. Save money and get double the food.”

D. Mendoza

“You are missing out if you don’t go here. Bargains are here.”

B. Jordan

“Find deals on good food, every time I go.”

M. Channel

“Has cheap prices..really gives places a run for there money”

J. Doty

“I always love the deals that UGO has”

B. Parris

“Always has good deals. And the staff there is stellar”

W. Howell

“In addition to the regular grocery items I find items I have never seen in any other grocery store.”

E. Clayton

“It is my favorite place to grocery shop.”

S. Chelle

“Great deals especially with food prices being so high.”

C. Pflug

“With prices of groceries soaring, this store is a welcome sign of relief for your wallet! Today I bought what would have be 85 dollars or more of grocery items for 36 dollars. 1.29 for a loaf of breat that costs 2.95 or more at my local chain store… savings everywhere.”

T. Jacobs

“Great everyday low prices and I always find something new everytime I go shopping I can go to pick one thing and always leave with at least a half buggy full if you have not been there do so soon you will be very pleased”


“Well stocked, great prices, and friendly staff.”

J. Hendrick

“Great store. Love discounts and the big shop towels rolls when you can find them”

J. Reese

“Budget friendly, very clean workers are very friendly, have weekly deals great place to shop.”

N. Webb

“Great great prices and employees! Really good experience.”

J. Hanley

“Great selection, great prices (compared to other grocery stores).

M. Ingram

“Some very good values. Meat dept. Excellent!!”

T. Price

“My first time there, and I was pleasantly surprised. Great prices on the meats and the largest chicken wings I’ve seen in a long time. The store was clean and orderly.”

L. C.

“Super clean, well organized and workers are efficient and friendly.”

J. Kendrick

“Went there for the first time today. Great prices on their meats.”

L. Crawford

“Best deals on meat, hands down… and a lot of other goods as well.”

R. England

“I am able to afford groceries and get name-brand products at a discount.”

S. Chelle

“Great prices and selection. Some of the best meat in town. Friendly employees.”

C. Lindsay

“This is a real outlet. It’s not fancy. It’s kind of like a small warehouse-type setting. The stock is always changing, so there’s always a great variety, they have great sales, and the best prices. 

You have to try shopping here! Tuesday meat specials, manager’s specials, weekend specials. I love Grocery Outlet!”

T. R.

“Great and well-priced meats and friendly cashiers, thank you!!”

B. Smith

“Love this place always have something new.”

A. Stamey

“I can always get good bargains at this store. They have really good meat which they cut right at the store. You just have to watch for bargains and get them because you may not see them again.”

D. Robert

“Wonderful staff and great deals. This is always my first stop when stocking the house, you never know what you’ll find!”

A. Lynn

“This is a great place to save money and one never knows what they may find on the shelves, as there are surplus items removed from big stores for one reason or another. To my wife and I, it’s like a convenience store on steroids and a grocery store combined. The employees are always efficient and friendly!”

D. Moore

“I love this place. The prices can’t beat!!! In. a democratic government where inflation is at an all-time high, we people on disability or social security need someplace where we can stretch a dollar. The cashiers are amazingly friendly. Thank you UGO grocery for thinking of your customers! Definitely recommend.”

D. Bowles

“Great prices and decent selection. Polite and helpful employees make a great shopping experience.”

A. Lein

“They have some really great prices, this is where I always buy my ground beef. Better than any other store.”

P. Tigue

“A glorious thrift store of wonderful food choices.”

S. Peek

“If you have not been to this grocery store you need to go. I’m going to say I leave with a full grocery card for 60 bucks and can feed my family for the entire week, teenagers included. Oh my gosh. Name brand labels and really quality food just reduced costs.”

K. Jewelry

“Great store. The cashier that waited on us was wonderful at customer service. I’d patron your store just based on that. Excellent prices, customer appreciation sale today was amazing!”

B. Lawson

“We love this place. We live in Greenville and when we are in town, we always stop. They have great deals on lost of fun things.”

S. Williams

“Clean and well stocker. It’s always an adventure, cause you never know what has been stocked. Always a great selection. Parking is excellent.”

J. Goodman

“Always lots of neat items”

S. Mullins

“I love this place and the employees are always friendly.”

K. Oneal

“A nice place to shop and good prices.”

J.P Gladue

“This is one of our most-stop shops for groceries. Unbeatable prices on everyday necessities and every now and then you’ll find some novelty items at a great deal that you just can’t pass up! Meat, ice cream, and snacks are some of the best deals here without a doubt, especially with how expensive these things are elsewhere.”

A. Roberts

“This is the place with the best meat in such a variety of things. Seasonal items at other stores can always be found at United grocery thank you.”

R. Sharp

“There are always great deals, but don’t expect they’ll always have the same items. Be flexible and you’ll love it!”

J. Garrod

“Nice. Was well kept. Variety of items and produce.”

P. Young

“Convenient, right in the middle of town. Low prices and friendly service. Great place to shop.”

Rev M. Mallette

“NICE store!!! Have quite a variety of things. What caught my eye was the meat cases… the meat looked fresh and reasonably priced. We need to come back with our cooler! All in all, I give it two thumbs up!!

A. Willard

“I love UGO. I get all our meat from there. It’s so much better than other places and their stuff is cheap. They also have great work there.” 

M. Stokes

“My favorite place to go grocery shopping. Always finding new things to try for a good price.”

C. Cathey

“Very nice place to shop. Great prices and clean. Very nice employees.”

L. Morgan

“Everyone should give it a stroll thru often as the inventory changes a lot and their prices are not bad at all. I like this place.”

J. Whoop-Whoop

“Nice and very clean friendly staff well-stocked I like it. You will too. My go-to favorite store. Quirky items you find nowhere else. Must try. New stuff every week.”

F. Corrales

“They may not always have the same things but I always find good stuff at really good prices!”

J. Hensley

“Clean, lots of good deals, friendly staff. I’ll be back again.”

R. Luquire

“Great Place to Shop for groceries.. and low prices!

N. Class

“My favorite discount grocery store.”

P. Lee

“Amazing what great deals you can find here. Hard to take in all the little treasures the have. Fun store!”

D. Dyer

“My family and I love going here. With the prices as expensive as they are at ingles, going here is a weight off my wallet. Having 3 kids who are teens and one younger, we spend at least $400 a week on groceries. It’s a breath of fresh air to go here and not be broke afterwards.”

C. C. Griffin

“Love the prices. Love the hospitality.”

B. Blondie

“Another great place to shop if your on a budget.”

L. Curtis

“Great prices love going to UGO”

S. Castleman

“Local of great deals, in date, and kept super clean!”

R. B.

“They have cheap prices. And the chasier are very friendly. What I like most is no waiting in line. Helpful.”

M. Metcalf

“Nice place with good prices and friendly cashiers.”

T. Kozaczuk

“My wife and I love this grocery store. Their prices cannot be beaten anywhere in town. Racks of baby back ribs, Lil smokies, cheese, eggs, etc are always really low. And if you eat and drink like my family does then you are missing out on some great deals!!”

T. Morris

“I love their meat prices… You get so much and good meat is great!!!”

A. Roberts

“The employees were very attentive and helpful to me. The prices are absolutely amazing and they go above and beyond to make sure they have what you need. Thank you all for being our family store!”

A. Phillips

“Great deals! Lots of name brand finds for half the price of the regular grocery store usually in the beginning and end of the week.”

D. Keith

“Very clean store and great deals. Go check it out.”

M. Tolles

“They have good deals and the people are very friendly.”

N. Deitz

“Some of the good are real is real cheap like the chicken the smoked turkey wings stuff like that a good place to shop.”

H. Gladden

“1st time going to this store. It’s older kinda like a ma and pa type. Workers were nice and the food was cheap had some really good deals. I plan on going again soon.”

M. Olson

“Great store to shop. You’ll find lots of savings here. Nice clean store. Courteous customer service. I’ll be going back for sure.”

M. Housley

“This is one amazing place. I can get hamburger meat over there for $3.75. this is the cheapest I can get meat. And it’s good meet. It’s the right color the right everything. There’s nothing wrong. Typically whenever I think about getting meat at that price at sketches me out but as picky as I am when it comes to my meet because I was raised vegetarian if this is really good meat. It’s some of my favorite.”

North Carolina Mountain People

“Nice to have more than just a Food City! Prices are cheaper too!”

B. Roop

“Amazing deals on just about everything. Highly suggest going by there meat section. The premade hamburger patties with there seasoning are delicous.”

D. Hensley

“I don’t miss a chance to shop there finding something delicious and different..like the q mix.”

L. Yates

“Thank Goodness for stores like this and thanks to the wonderful cashiers.”

L. C.

“UGO is like the Big Lots of groceries. You shop here for the PRICE, not the ambiance. The service is good and I love the butcher! The deals change every week. If you see it, buy it. It will not be there is you wait until the next visit. Sign up for their emails to find out what the deals are every week. #imabargainqueen”

A. Cox

“T-Bones for 4.99…how can you beat that? I might not be able to find everything but what I do purchase is always a bargain!!”


“Good place to go for groceries they always have great prices and the meats are great too! Give it a try!”

J. Whitzell

“I really shouldn’t be doing this but, best prices on meat in Ringgold. Great staff also. With the way times are now and having to budget more because of inflation. This is a good place to start. Now with that said, don’t be flooding the place. I do shop here.”

B. Wilson

“Best place to look for deals. Always happ[ily] surprised!”

J. Leong

“I love it so much! They often have discontinued healthy items and hidden gems at absolute perfect prices if you look hard and take frequent peeks. You never know what may appear on the shelf, whatever it is grab it quick because you might never see it again at that price anywhere.”

E. Tilton

“Best prices and a variety of things. younormally can’t find anywhere else. With the prices everywhere on everything you can save some money by shopping here.”

A. Little

“We absolutely love going to UGO!! The employees are so nice and helpful and the people who shop there are so friendly, it feels like. a small town grocery store.”

E. Herranen

“Always clean, well-stocked and organized store. Every employee has been super nice and helpful on all of my weekly visits since I found out about UGO 2+ yrs ago. I love the bargains and all the prices are affordable. Great selection always, even many specialty (i.e. Organic) items at fair market value. Well worth my time and dollars!”

V. Gross

“OMG! You save money at this place!”

J. Whitfield

“It’s a great place to shop. It’s the only place where the prices are like they were before this…”

K. Hull

“Very Good Prices, You save a lot of money!! Good Place to Shop!!”

C. Isgro

“Deals, and definitely my favorite grocery store.”

D. Original

“Making ends meet is easy when you shop here. Lots of treasures to be found for 1/2 price and less.”

D. Joe

“This store is my go to store. I love UGO. Cheapest prices and you get a lot for your money.”

C. Adams

“I love shopping at both the UGO in Clinton and Lafollette. Cashier’s are nice, also love the Meat Department. Best prices in town.”

P. Mcmahan

“Love shopping at UGO! Can always find great deals and lots of options.”

L. Stone

“I save more when I shop at UGO and everyone is friendly.”

J. Shepler

“Love the prices at UGO. Best deals for your money.”

S. Allison

“Better than Ingles and [Walmart] Superstore plus alot more affordable.”

D. R.

“Friendly workers and really good prices. Meat surprisingly tasty.”

K. Anderson

“They have great prices!

I got 2 big ole ice creams for $2.99 each. And a big 5lb bag of fries for $2.99. Now a days food is so high cost and places like this are what makes me happy they exist!! Love this place.”

L. Sele

“Best place for good deals on all sorts of products. Especially energy drinks ($0.33 per large can) if you don’t mind lesser known brands that taste just as good or even better than the name brands!”

J. Dyer

“The place to shop!”

E. Ownby


V. Pierce

“I enjoy visiting this grocery store because they have really good prices. With the prices for everything going up this is definitely a place to help you budget your grocery expenses. Shop here first and see what they have and then go to your usual grocery store. I think you will be surprised to see the money you can save.”

T. Marler

“Love this new, to me, found store. Staff is very friendly and welcoming.”

C. Farnum

“Great store, cashier that waited on us was wonderful at customer service, I’d patron your store just based on that.”

B. Lawson

“I love UGO. I have restricted diet and love the plant based options. All the employees are amazing and led by an amazing manager!!!”

P. “Momma Penny” Lynn

“Great prices for food and big choice for meat.”

J. McCulley

“Always a surprise of something high quality with superb prices.”

R. Worley

“The place to shop!”

E. Ownby

“I bought some really interesting food items here that I’d never seen any place [else]. My kids loved the captain crunch pan cake mix and jello play. Was really awesome. I also bought 10 pounds of ribs for 15 bux. The meat prices are awesome. But they [don’t] keep the same things all the time.”

J. Barnett

“I love love this place. We do not have one near our home in Nashville so every time we find one, we stop. We always find some great treasures to buy.”

K. Winchester

“We like coming here for [their] meat(s). Great selections and great prices. We come here [once] a month or so to stock up and put it in the freezer. Very friendly workers.”


“United Grocery Outlet employees [were] very polite and courteous in heling me during my shopping. This store is certainly one I would recommend to others. Thank you guys for such a wonderful experience.”


“We always shop GO first. Organics, vegetarian and specialty food are what I look for as well as pantry staples and local produce. GO has probably save my family 1000’s over the years. Thanks, GO!”

K. June

“Great deals on groceries. I save a lot of money going here, nice people I’ve gotten to know over the years. Nick is a really great manager.”

S. LeMoine

“Good choices of different products, priced so I can afford them. Efficient cashiers and helpful workers.”

P. Brannam

“You’ll find some pretty neat deals here, I bought a 3lb bone in ribeye, had them cut it down the middle and then beat into 1.5lb steaks for the Webber.  She was fire.”

K. Swartz

“They were exceptionally organized and fully stocked. Good prices and service.”

P. Harris

“They’ve always got the best deals and more. The meat department is awesome too.”

B. Gilliam

“Amazing prices and delicious food to choose from spent way less than I would anywhere else even aldi!”

E. Larkin

“Go 1st on grocery shopping. Pick up great buys.”

M. Marcum

“My favorite for special finds at discount prices. The best.”

E. Brinson

Great place for discounted groceries, I always stop here first. If you never went in, give it a look.


“Love UGO! I always go here first to see what they have. I can load up a whole cart for 40 bucks…”

C. Mendoza-Green

“Great place for savings and fresh meats…Deals you can’t pass…”

M. Brown

“Love this place, great prices on meat

T. A. Peppers

“Great food great prices..best meat in town”

T. Rose

Easy access and they have a good selection of groceries and good prices.

L. Hearn

“Always find a good bargain every time I go.”

A. Rockwell

“This is my FAVORITE GROCERY store. They have very low prices on food as well as supplies decorations and other odds and ends. They always have something new to see..”

J. King

“Great place to buy groceries CHEAP. Some of the best meat in town. Friendly service with a smile. That’s hard to find nowadays. Go Grocery is half the price of Ingles…”

R. Taylor