Harriman, TN

Harriman is part of the Knoxville Metropolitan Statistical Area, even though it’s a pretty long drive to get to Knoxville. While it may be fun to attend the occasional UT football game, who wants to get on I-40 and drive to Knoxville to get low prices on groceries? If you live in Harriman, your low grocery prices are right at your Harriman UGO. UGO brings Harriman the everyday low prices and weekly deals you deserve. Make UGO your first stop on grocery day and watch as the savings add up week over week! 

If you’re like many Harriman residents, you have experienced higher prices on the food items your family needs and loves. UGO has your back!

We are a grocery outlet retailer in Harriman and we offer you tremendous savings and value for every item. Shop our store first and you’re sure to find savings every time you visit. 

Some people in Harriman say shopping at our store is like a treasure hunt because there are so many different items at spectacular prices every day. And we offer 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so if you don’t like it, you can bring it back. 

Nobody wants to go from store to store in Harriman to find the best prices. That’s why we invite you to shop UGO first because you can be certain you’ll pay less for the products you want.


508 Ruritan Road
Harriman, TN 37748
(865) 882-7100

Store Hours

  • Mon – Sat: 8AM – 8PM
  • Sun: 9AM – 7PM


  • Meat Department
  • Produce Department

Extreme Values

UGO’s Extreme Values are exactly what they say. These are items we offer at much less than you can expect to pay elsewhere in Harriman.

You can find out about Extreme Values just by checking your email inbox. Simply sign up for our Extreme Savings emails. You’ll be among the first to know about our Extreme Savings and we’ll give you a coupon for a free loaf of bread just for signing up!

Angus Tuesday Plus

Our Harriman customers love our Angus Tuesday Plus specials. These meat specials are good for one day only on Tuesdays, and they can help you stretch your family’s meal budget without giving up excellent meat products.

You can find out about our Angus Tuesday Plus special offers in our emails or by checking our website. Your family will love the tasty meals and you’ll be thrilled with the savings.

Manager’s Specials

UGO’s Manager’s Specials are always worth checking out. You never know what outstanding prices you’ll find in Harriman. Check out your UGO Manager’s Specials. It could mean upgrading your meals without spending more or even putting something different and exciting on the menu to delight your family.

These specials let you buy more for much less and let you offer your family the foods that you may currently save for special occasions. Our Manager’s Specials for Harriman leave you and your wallet happy!

Weekend Deals

Plenty of people in Harriman have to hit the stores on the weekends, so why not stop at UGO first? Our Weekend Deals will pleasantly surprise you!

From fun desserts to kid favorites to family meal staples, our Harriman weekend specials are sure to inspire you. So stop in during your Saturday errands and save big.

Shop National Brands at Low Prices

UGO has low prices for national brands that you won’t find at other stores in Harriman!


Click Here to find out more!

Find Locally-Sourced Products in Harriman

In addition to national brands, you’ll find locally-sourced brands like Combs Family Farms, Delano Mennonite Community, Englewood Farmer’s Market, plus many more!

Locally-sourced products mean you get them fresher and you support producers in the Harriman region. What’s not to like?

Just look for these logos in our Harriman store.


Read More About Local Brands!

More Families Are Aiming
to Cut Their Grocery Bills

Inflation has prompted many families in Harriman to take a closer look at their spending on groceries. Tips like planning meals in advance and not shopping while hungry are basic practices that benefit everyone. Shopping weekly is another tried and true way to keep grocery spending under control. It’s all too easy to be over-budget or under-budget for a month. But weekly spending is easier to fine-tune.

UGO is the home of regular weekly specials like Angus Tuesday Plus, Manager’s Specials, Extreme Values, and Weekend Deals. These can simplify the planning of your grocery shopping while saving you money every week. It can really add up over a month or a year!

Shop United Grocery Outlet First and
Save in Harriman

When you make UGO your first stop on shopping day, you can be confident you’ll save money. It’s not easy sticking to a budget with prices rising all the time. UGO makes it easier with our low prices every day, and we can make your day brighter with our specials throughout the week.

Providing the meals your family loves while avoiding overspending is one of the best ways to stick to your budget. Your Harriman UGO makes it easy. Stop here first. Get the items you need at unbeatable prices, and leave happy!

Sign up for our email list and you can be sure that you will find out about our latest specials as soon as they’re available. Plus, you’ll find offers that make planning your shopping list easier. You’ll be glad you stopped at your Harriman UGO and we will be more than happy to see you there.